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tokwa said: congrats kd//////////

Thanks kinjiiii! ;w;/ <333

28 September 2014 · 2 notes

Some photos from our weekend in Kyoto

28 September 2014 · 22 notes

I still can’t believe it is this real life— but seriously though, thanks so much everyone!  \ ;0; / <333 

24 September 2014 · 14 notes

My ocs in Bravely Default asterisk attire wheezes The one with Cedrella and Calliope is an old one I did from tegs… might do more of these in the future

Also bonus Bravo Bikini Hakin and Vance <:3c Hakin belongs to kinji hahaha

21 September 2014 · 73 notes

Daddy Azir bonus comic sweats….

20 September 2014 · 2,238 notes

I’ll draw original stuff soon I swear I just need to get this daddy azir kick out of my system 

20 September 2014 · 1,231 notes

Bravely Default Asterisk Meme


Send in a character and a corresponding number and I’ll draw them in the clothing that goes with that number!  Characters not limited to Bravely Default Characters.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Monk
  3. White Mage
  4. Black Mage
  5. Knight
  6. Thief
  7. Merchant
  8. Spell Fencer
  9. Time Mage
  10. Ranger
  11. Summoner
  12. Valkyrie
  13. Red Mage
  14. Pirate
  15. Salve-Master
  16. Performer
  17. Swordmaster
  18. Ninja
  19. Arcanist
  20. Spiritmaster
  21. Templar
  22. Vampire
  23. Dark Knight
  24. Conjurer
14 September 2014 · 178 notes

AU where Lulu is the Hero of Time who has to save Princess Lux from the clutches of Ganondorf!Darius lol

08 September 2014 · 20 notes


For Kadi! QwQ Hope you like it!

LOUD YELLING KITE YOU drew my Calliope baby so pretty UGHHH <33333 wtf did I do to even deserve this

08 September 2014 · 5 notes

kariwindflower whispered,

When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :D


kARI ;LKJ  gdi uuhhhhhhh

1. Between cute moe characters and baras, I prefer baras. Just saying.

2. Some of my favorite LoL champs are volibear, nami, lux, lulu, and graves (not that I’m any good at playing them but you know w/e). My least favorite is poppy because her splash art…

3. I’ve been playing piano and clarinet for about 8 years now (I stopped clarinet tho cuz there’s no band at my uni… y__y).

4. I really love watching/reading/writing murder mystery stories but I’m a weenie when it comes to scary movies and medical shows.

5. Years ago I got into a movie with a children’s ticket… which is for kids who are up to 12 years old lmfao

THANKS FOR ASKING MOE PANDA y///y I’ll tag ppl later cuz yeah I… don’t know who to choose yet sweats;lkj

03 September 2014 · 2 notes