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mariesadelarosa said: You should make canvas pencil cases of these and sell it! Oh, and even duvet covers on Redbubble! * O *

oohh maybe! I’ve never considered that ouo sounds like a cute idea tho aaaa

lone-starrs said: This is so cute KD oh gosh <33333

Thanks so much Star! ;w; <3333

babysealfi said: AAAHHHHH OMGGGGGGGG

lAUGHS I couldn’t resist heh;lkj

04 August 2014 · 1 note

First seamless pattern bg! Chela and some of her good friends;lkj don’tlookatme

Might do more of these.

02 August 2014 · 13 notes




01 August 2014 · 1 note


Some adjusted prices, and up to date examples for my commissions!

I’ve realized I make a lot of updated posts for my commissions so I decided to make a commissions page just for this. Please refer to it if you wish for more information if you are interested!

31 July 2014 · 56 notes

dialga whispered,

Chela hehe


a;lskjd I ALREADY ANSWERED THIS BUT I’LL DO IT AGAIN and some of the ones that I forgot to add in

OrionxChela t(///t) everyoneknowsthis, SamxChela (crybaby/cop buddies/brotp), JulisxChelaxMina (brotp),and ChelaxCiaraxAndixCharlotte (grass loli brotp), plus all the other ones I mentioned earlier lol

31 July 2014 · 3 notes

Anonymous whispered,

Tari, and Corina


oh man it’s been such a long time;ljk

Tari: TarixSid, TarixDynamo (brotp), TarixAustin (brotp), TarixFlint (family brotp), TarixTuck (brotp/little bro type of thing)

Corina: GarryxCorina, CorinaxGaea (brotp), CorinaxRichter (brotp)

31 July 2014 · 1 note

kariwindflower whispered,

SPAMS YOU Vicky, Val, Shiori, Chela, Tsubaka, Ren, Mikasa (AoT), Lulu (LoL), Naegi (DR) :3c



Vicky: VickyxPoppy (brotp), VickyxGrifter, VickyxNerio, VickyxDonovan, VickyxCloe (brotp)

Val: RicoxVal, ValxLi (cousin brotp), ValxAlexander, ValxMelissa, ValxRobin, ValxKiri (hateship)

Shiori: ShiorixAlexandria (brotp) and ShiorixAdam (brotp)

Chela: OrionxChela, ElmiraxChela, DannyxChela, also ElmiraxChelaxDanny (bro/ot3), RanaxChelaxCalle (bro/ot3), ChelaxZoela (brotp) I ACTUALLY HAVE A LOT FOR HER but I can’t remember them all atm

Tsubaki: TsubakixChikoko (brotp), TsubakixDaichi, TsubakixMidori (brotp),Tsubakixeverysamurai (one sided)

Ren: RenxLogan (brotp) and RenxRenee (WITH MY OWN OC I SHIP IT… she just takes advantage of him pretty much tho lmao)

Mikasa: MikasaxEren (family brotp), MikasaxErenxArmin (bro/ot3), and AnniexMikasa (hate/rivalry ship). Other than that I don’t really ship her with anyone;lkj

Lulu: LuluxVeigar and LuluxGnar (brotp)

Naegi: NaegixMaizono (brotp?? I don’t really know) and NaegixKirigirixTogami (brot3)

I’m shipping trash swEATS………..

31 July 2014 · 3 notes

crunchyshrimp whispered,

Kahn and Logan ' u '


I think you know I ship these but;ljk


- KahnxLei-lin brotp

-KahnxToskaxLei-lin ot3 Ilovethemallsomuchok I also ship them as a family cuz Kahn is the best team mom ever


- Loganxme obviously

- LoganxCorina brotp (or maybe one-sided because Corina loves hockey and would probably be a fan of him and his team lol)

31 July 2014 · 2 notes

Multishipper Challange


Send me a character and i’ll tell you at least two characters I ship them with

Any of my ocs, LoL champs, or characters from other fandoms are okay too sWEATS…

31 July 2014 · 10,804 notes

ditto-licious whispered,

omg please make a tutorial on how to colour (and draw ofc) you are so amazing!!!


Thank you for the kind words aaaa;ljk My coloring method is pretty much generic anime style compared to others’ art LOL but one day maybe I’ll make a process post!

29 July 2014 · 1 note