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Friends of Freljord pattern bg! Feat. Lissandra, Braum, Ashe, and Sejuani. Made it for fun, but I might do something with it

31 August 2014 · 16 notes

Kiss Art Challenge



Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt
  17. on the naughty-bits

yoo send me these

26 August 2014 · 10,908 notes


Week 1- Even though I was in a sad mood after my parents left, I met a lot of cool ppl who I had fun with on my first night dorming :’D Overall a great first day.

I’ll be posting a comic here every Sunday about my study abroad adventures in Japan!

It’s still a work in progress, but for my study abroad scholarship I’m doing a webcomic kind of thing for my stay in Japan \ouo/ I’ll probably post pics every so often too.

24 August 2014 · 261 notes

mariesadelarosa said: You should make canvas pencil cases of these and sell it! Oh, and even duvet covers on Redbubble! * O *

oohh maybe! I’ve never considered that ouo sounds like a cute idea tho aaaa

lone-starrs said: This is so cute KD oh gosh <33333

Thanks so much Star! ;w; <3333

babysealfi said: AAAHHHHH OMGGGGGGGG

lAUGHS I couldn’t resist heh;lkj

04 August 2014 · 2 notes

First seamless pattern bg! Chela and some of her good friends;lkj don’tlookatme

Might do more of these.

02 August 2014 · 14 notes




01 August 2014 · 2 notes


Some adjusted prices, and up to date examples for my commissions!

I’ve realized I make a lot of updated posts for my commissions so I decided to make a commissions page just for this. Please refer to it if you wish for more information if you are interested!

31 July 2014 · 57 notes

dialga whispered,

Chela hehe


a;lskjd I ALREADY ANSWERED THIS BUT I’LL DO IT AGAIN and some of the ones that I forgot to add in

OrionxChela t(///t) everyoneknowsthis, SamxChela (crybaby/cop buddies/brotp), JulisxChelaxMina (brotp),and ChelaxCiaraxAndixCharlotte (grass loli brotp), plus all the other ones I mentioned earlier lol

31 July 2014 · 4 notes

Anonymous whispered,

Tari, and Corina


oh man it’s been such a long time;ljk

Tari: TarixSid, TarixDynamo (brotp), TarixAustin (brotp), TarixFlint (family brotp), TarixTuck (brotp/little bro type of thing)

Corina: GarryxCorina, CorinaxGaea (brotp), CorinaxRichter (brotp)

31 July 2014 · 2 notes

kariwindflower whispered,

SPAMS YOU Vicky, Val, Shiori, Chela, Tsubaka, Ren, Mikasa (AoT), Lulu (LoL), Naegi (DR) :3c



Vicky: VickyxPoppy (brotp), VickyxGrifter, VickyxNerio, VickyxDonovan, VickyxCloe (brotp)

Val: RicoxVal, ValxLi (cousin brotp), ValxAlexander, ValxMelissa, ValxRobin, ValxKiri (hateship)

Shiori: ShiorixAlexandria (brotp) and ShiorixAdam (brotp)

Chela: OrionxChela, ElmiraxChela, DannyxChela, also ElmiraxChelaxDanny (bro/ot3), RanaxChelaxCalle (bro/ot3), ChelaxZoela (brotp) I ACTUALLY HAVE A LOT FOR HER but I can’t remember them all atm

Tsubaki: TsubakixChikoko (brotp), TsubakixDaichi, TsubakixMidori (brotp),Tsubakixeverysamurai (one sided)

Ren: RenxLogan (brotp) and RenxRenee (WITH MY OWN OC I SHIP IT… she just takes advantage of him pretty much tho lmao)

Mikasa: MikasaxEren (family brotp), MikasaxErenxArmin (bro/ot3), and AnniexMikasa (hate/rivalry ship). Other than that I don’t really ship her with anyone;lkj

Lulu: LuluxVeigar and LuluxGnar (brotp)

Naegi: NaegixMaizono (brotp?? I don’t really know) and NaegixKirigirixTogami (brot3)

I’m shipping trash swEATS………..

31 July 2014 · 4 notes