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I couldn’t find the original, but this is the comic I parodied » http://dynasty-scans.com/images/422

21 July 2014 · 241 notes

Kagerou Project Pokemon AU (and headcanons) //sweats…

One of the several things I drew while I was away. Prepare for a lot of kagepro spam over the next few days;lkj

20 July 2014 · 419 notes

kozueyuu whispered,

Hi~ I love your art so much! Can I repost your illustation on facebook? I'll add your name and the link of that picture. And I also want to translate some comics to my first comic (Vietnamese ^^). Thanks!


Sure, as long as you credit/source it and don’t remove the url/watermark from the pic. And thank you!!

megnado whispered,

I'm sorry I saw this comic and Seto's face was too perfect. Am I okay to keep using it as my icon?


Yeah, sure! ‘u’/ I don’t mind lol

20 July 2014 · 1 note

I drew them a little too young but whatever Y__Y I just love this little family a lot leave me alone

15 July 2014 · 3,374 notes

My fox girl, Kagura. Can you tell I didn’t know what to do with the bg lol

26 June 2014 · 20 notes

Cedrella paint version 2! Cuz I really hated how the earlier one that I posted  looked like ¬__¬

22 June 2014 · 11 notes

pikauchu whispered,

Your art is amazing hnngggg SHINAYA FEELS ;O; (with random takanes prancing through)


as;flkaj Thanks so much! ALL THE FEELS o<-< These kids will be the end of me TT_TT

21 June 2014 · 2 notes

I have so many Ayano feels you don’t even know o<-<

21 June 2014 · 95 notes


11 June 2014 · 50 notes